Present Hope Counseling

Katherine Arnold, MAMFC, LPC, LMFT



Couples therapy is  offered for relationship issues, marital conflict, communication, infidelity, premarital, and marital enrichment.

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Individual Adult Therapy is offered for trauma recovery, depression, anxiety, PTSD, stress, self-worth, grief, self-harming, suicide ideation, and life transitions. 

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Adolescent Therapy (preteens and teens) is offered for depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, self-worth, self-harming, suicide ideation, and peer relationships. 

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 Family Therapy is offered for the entire family system. The system is the unit that is identified as a "family," whether traditional family (biological mother and biological father), blended family (biological parent and step-parent), or single-parent family.

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Everyone has a journey.

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin." ~Anthony Robbins